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Cannabis and epilepsy: a test in incredible cases rising at Garrahan Hospital

Cristina Sproviero said: "After four days of using cannabis, I saw that it was laughing loudly. Credit: Santiago Filipuzzi

Cristina Sproviero was transformed in a bit when she learned that her three and a half-year-old baby had a severe type of epilepsy. After disappearing through different offices, he asked for help at the

Garrahan Hospital


The next five years was not easy. From the hand of Roberto Caraballo, the head of Neurology, he tried different medicines, but without success. So, in November, after starting to take

cannabis oil

, he changed completely. "Another girl," Cristina enthuses, "now she has fewer stimuli, she's smiling, she's contacting us"

The daughter of Cristina Sproviero is one of 21 patients who are already enrolled in a clinical trial that accurately assess the effects of cannabis oil in the treatment of specific cases of childhood epilepsy.

"Children of the children include epileptic encephalopathies that treat disorders and other therapies, such as diet ketogenic or surgery," explains Caraballo, president of the American Women's Affairs Committee of the International League against Epilepsy, "the biggest types severe epilepsy in the world. Paediatrics In this group, frequent emergencies and electroencephalographic discharges lead to cognitive and behavioral decline. "

It is estimated that between 20 and 30% of epilepsy are resistant to treatment: "[El médico] he / she believes that he is in such a situation if the patient continues to have a seizure for at least a year despite attempting at least two or only medication, "he explained Dr. Damián Consalvo, a doctor at Ramos Mejía Hospital. It can also happen in adults. "

In the study, which will last for two years, conventional treatment is not withdrawn, but cannabis oil is added into a dose that depends on pressure. "In children under 45 kg, start with 2.5 mg / kg / day and children with more weight are 5 mg / kg / day," said Caraballo, "according to the answer, the dose will be adjusted to the maximum of 25 / mg / day to divide two doses. "

There is an interest in medicinal cannabis on the increase. As well as being used in epilepsy, research on its merits (when relieving pain, reducing inflammation, stimulating appetite, reducing vomiting and interruptions, among others) has been multiplying for half a century.

Expected in March


release a definite review of scientific literature on this topic. Last year, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first drug that included
flammable (CBD), one of the operational principles of the
Cannabis sativa. The truth is that it does not fully understand how it works, the empirical evidence shows that it can be useful in different sociology.

"Cannabis has a number of active components – Marcelo Rubinstein, the professor of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Nature of the BIPU, and Conicet's senior researcher at the Institute of Research in Genetics and Molecular Biology – emphasizes the two mainities; The THC, whose operating mechanism by stimulating well-known CB1 and CB2 receptors, which causes the psychotropic effect, and CBD, is not clear which operators are acting, and does not produce psychoactive effects. It is used with 25 parts of CBD for one THC In general, for pain, the oils that are better than walking get more THC because it reduces nerve transmission. "

In the country, although the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Science and Technology have created evaluation or counseling networks or commissions, research developments are not under way. Meanwhile, the government of Jujuy, who took the lead by signing up an agreement with the US Company Company, from the state of Nevada, and a subsidiary, Greenleaf Farms, to grow on his farm "El Pongo", which was so far mainly dedicated to sugar and tobacco cheese.

Jujuy's government signed agreements and letters of intent with three companies for the production of cannabis plants and the production of medicinal oil.
Jujuy's government signed agreements and letters of intent with three companies for the production of cannabis plants and the production of medicinal oil. Source: LA NACION

"The farm has 14,000 hectares," said Gaston Morales, the son of the governor and president of Cannabis Avatara State Society, "We started with a pilot and we hope to reach the industrial scale in August." Each production period, including oil production, will be in the hands of this company. "

According to Morales, the state government signed letters of intent with Chile's Knop and Canada Aphria (who supplied the oil for the trial at Garrahan Hospital through its ABP subsidiary) to develop a co-ordinated plan where & The province would provide the land and greenhouse companies would be dedicated to growing cannabis in the same farm.

"Many of the cycliced ​​information are anecdotal," said Gonzalo Arnao, president of ABP, "and that's why part of Aphria's commitment is to continue investing in clinical studies that provide & # 39 ; the information needed on the medical community. "

Silvia Kochen, Conicet scientist, director of the Ramos Mejia Hospital Epilepsy Department and the epilepsy surgery center for extraordinary patients at El Cruce Hospital, are trying to start studying in adults.

"We all follow the research closely with a great expectation," he said, "international results show that the answer is incredible in around 50% of this population." It is important that the barriers are moved to investigate, because otherwise people will be left unprotected and fall into the networks of unscrupulous characters that make unfounded promises. "

Caraballo adds: "Cannabis oils produced by medical laboratories that meet compulsory requirements are similar, however, the reliability of the products needs to be confirmed, the best way is through studies such as the one we do in hospital. "

Although there are still no cost details of these treatments, the children who participate in the trial and respond well will be given for free life.

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