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Calvary Chronicle: how the young man has raped in a "herd" living in a town where his seven abusers are free

National Route 9 continues as Route 14 in Bolivia. It starts as part of the Panamerica with roots in the City of Buenos Aires and reaches the limits of the country. In its path of nearly two thousand kilometers it crosses seven provinces. On its side there is no sign of the town's announcement. In white letters on the green background of the pathway bulletin boards, other locations are prioritized. In Santa Elena you have to turn to the right – if the road to the north – and travel another 45 kilometers of valleys in Cordoba. It has five thousand inhabitants and a welcome column has been neglected, to be covered with vegetation. Sebastián Elcano It's a small town, it's scattered in the Pampean density, it's guarded by soy plantations. It's great hell MThe 25-year-old man has no full name because he is protected by an open case of sexual abuse with access to the carnal.

In Elcano, the streets are wide and the houses are low. There are motorcycles, there are no helmets, there are 4 × 4 trucks, a square with them wifithere is a boulevard, main route, a railway station to be recycled, the church, the school, the police station, the borough, the club, the service station. It meets the organizational and cultural requirements of every town: everyone knows everyone. Everyone knows M. and everyone sees his video. Three men harassed, insulted him. Four encouraged them. He was drunk, manual and vulnerable. The whole town saw it as helpless: perpetrators, perverse, not only did it, they also looked after it.

Saturday 16 February was Saturday. M. was in the home of his ex-partner, with a two-year-old daughter. When he left, he did not go to his home, where he lived with his parents. He went to the Gomería The Magicians, on the outskirts of the city. There, as usual, his friends had gathered to eat a barbecue. The owners were not there: they had attended the 35th edition of the La Palma Festival, a traditional folk festival held in San Francisco del Chañar. There were eight friends: only seven had fun.

M. returned home at eight o'clock at night. In fact, he was returned. I was beaten and my fading. When he wanted to leave or was forced to retire, he went on his bike, lost control and fell. They moved him in a place to his house. When his mother accepted him, one of his friends argued that the shots were the product of his fall and he explained: "E"Our boy is good. Nothing more than when you take it, you lose" Infobae He spoke to neighbors and relatives: M. usually does not drink alcohol. Suspicion suggests that it was eaten completely.

"Did they tie it with the lamb?"he asked one of the flat listeners while Jorge Cisneros, aka Furitahe pressed the knot on the rope which invalidated the victim's defense. His pants and lighters were low. He had gone, helpless, and could not stand. Ramón tried Ludueña to put a finger in his anus. Ezequiel Cisneros, aka Fat, he laughed behind. In that video Infobae He preferred not to spread, the cross of the cross distinguished the authorship of the three most committed abusers.

Ludueña is a plumber, over 50 years old and not native to the town. Our employee is a Civic worker and a companion to M., who also carries out maintenance tasks at Sebastián Elcano's Citizen Service Center. The brothers Cisneros run businesses in the town – party hall, butcher's shop, hardware shop – and children to Secundino, aka Cunino, who attended the Manuel Bonaldi Pediatric Intendente offices to discuss their children's immunity. Close to the troubled youth family said that Cunino offer money to Bonaldi to calm M's relatives claim.

The Intendant, in addition to the employer, is the victim's uncle. His parents adopted M.'s mother. The neutral position of the leader irritates the family, from a fragile economy, of humble principles. Assistance was sought to fund the M. and family trip to the Dean's Sailing in the Courts offices. to question the Director Prosecutor, Fabiana Pochettino, why the accused, already mentioned, is not kept. The answer, according to the assessments of the family environment, was negative: he argued that he did not want to intervene in the case. Finally, it will cover fuel costs and will pay them as City travel costs.

Bonaldi did not communicate with his nephew, with her sister and any member of the close family circle. He did not show unity about what happened, an unusual fact that has already taken public status at a national level. The Mayor did not do so or any of the defendants. The abuse took place on 16 February, and the family came to know days before 18 March, when M. started to make a police report. "We crossed them in the small markets and as if nothing had happened. We must bend our heads and do not, to the contrary, smile. It's mad that we live like that, "said a woman integrated into the kernel of the family, who, on suggestion and suggestion of lawyer Carlos Nayi has given the best to give interviews to 39 media.

The abusers walk around chanting. The video swore as evidence of his alleged punishment. There are some who admit that they believe they are powerful people, who cannot be touched. They reduced the outrage as a joke that went out of hand. The town knows them. There are seven: some with economic well-being and others not. There are traders and carpenters, workers, changarines. They are not “bad guys” Sebastián Elcano. Ezequiel Cisneros was denied sex violence, but other abusers started the abuse of residents, who saw them as a literal expression of a neighbor who asked for anonymity – "good people".

Sebastián Elcano today is a revised town, in convulsion. There is inflammation and disturbance in ordinary people. The only ones who remain unconscious are the main protagonists in the case: the eight barbecues that led to the abuse of a young man from 25 years of moderate origin, a family; n work, with mature delay and limited communication skills. You're hearing it and you realize it's not like everybody else, "someone has to define it in a low voice." M. lived a month in silence. He was raped on 16 February. A month later the video spread to his brother, who prompted him to deny the abuse in a "herd". His family supported him: on 18 March he went to the police station to tell him about his suffering, with his father.

M. was strange, far away, not the same as ever. The video was a revelation. In the village, relatives were the last to see images of abuse. The document resolved the suspicions: the eldest daughter of the former partner of the victim was a target to ridicule at school. He even told his mother that he no longer wanted to go to school. They didn't know why. M. has never said anything, out of fear or embarrassment. It doesn't count anything now either: he swears that he remembers nothing about that afternoon t. Keep going to your job as if nothing had happened. The same is done by his partner who took an active part in the rape and his uncle, the Intendant. Although the town lives days of turbulence, there are some who behave indifferently.

Today the lawyer and relatives of the victim they will ask for the arrest of those concerned and they will expand the complaint: the abuse – especially the delivery of finger in the anus – would have been in a long time and again and again, and would even have stolen a sum of money from the victim. They disclose that the defense and the relatives managed to extract to M., which between modesty and their difficulties to express themselves, fails to report in detail what happened that day. In the light of the repercussions of the case, it is assumed that the brave manifests the gestures of cooperation towards the victim. The family, even with fear of threats and revenge, opposed the stigma. The lamb is no longer tied.

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