Wednesday , November 25 2020

Calu Rivero came to court for an audience with Juan Darthés: there is doubt about the actor's presence

Attainment of Calo Rivero to the Courts, without giving statements (Video: TN)

On Thursday morning, a preliminary hearing has to be arranged between Juan Darthés a Calu Rivero, after the plaintiff filed a legal case for "compensation" after a public complaint about abuse he did, origin when they were partners in the novel Sweet sweetheart.

The appointment was 10 at the Comoros Courts of Py. The actress arrived at a time, although he did not make statements to the press. It's still a mystery if the actor appears. And who will go as your lawyer: Ana Rosenfeld, His lawyer resigned when Darthés filed his alliance against Rivero, his defense hours before another actor, Thelma Fardín, I will notify Tuesday here for a cross.

"My official notification was received about the resignation of Rosenfeld, I am aware of what went on in the media, but I do not know who will be attending," said Calu lawyer. Gustavo Papeschi, who also explained that the judge of the case will try in this case that "reconciliation is reached" in order not to prove.

If this does not happen, "the different tests" will be analyzed, as Papeschi explained in dialogue with TN. Another objective of this style of audience is "the test of confession or disclosure from a point of view, where each of the parties before the court question indicates whether the statement is in true or not. "

Gair Gustavo Papeschi, lawyer Calu Rivero (Video: TN)

"In an audience of this nature both parties must appear personally," he says, stating that the singer's presence, in principle, would be essential. However, the lawyer can not give more details because the file has a "reserved character".

He is the lawyer Fenando Teasing who would have stayed as a defender of a former Welsh composer Wild after the resignation of Rosenfeld. Although yesterday, he offered his precautions: he would not be represented in this legal court against Calu or the criminal complaint that established a Nicaragua Poetry, where the violence would occur, in May 2009 , during a trip around the strip broadcast Channel 13.

The origin In 2012, Calu Rivero broke unnecessarily Sweetheart, A novel directed by Quique Estevanez who went to Telefe air. There was no more detail in the official version of a departure, but there are many rumors; So he went down, Darthés was talking about abuse. And soon after that, nothing was said.

Until the end of 2017 Rivero talked about "too much" in the sex recordings, a number of sexes, which he shared with the actor (his characters had a relative of love). Before the public saying, many of his companions and colleagues did not believe (in these hours, Mariano Martínez, The Facundo Arana, The Eva or Dominici, The Eugenia and China Suárez and own it Sebastián Estevanez, among others, apologized with the actor), Darthés began a lawsuit against Calu, who had already had a number of audiences, until arriving on Thursday. The actor accuses him of "entertaining his reputation and honor".

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