Tuesday , November 24 2020

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4: Treyarch explains the contents of turning boxes

Include turning boxes at the last minute and just a few months after launching Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Most of the gaming community has not been happy with what has been Treyarch They want to make it clear that it is not the decision of the study. So they wanted to explain these Reserve Crates, which can include cosmetic elements for weapons or skins for the character, or a MKII version of a weapon, which allows up to 25% more experience.

It is not a Treyarch decision

Clearly, the Black Ops 4 discomfort has reached Treyarch's ears with what David Vonderhaar, a member of the study, has published a few words on Reddit. Mainly, Vonderhaar has come to say that there are many aspects that are beyond the control of the study, among those that are understood, the turning boxes. He has also claimed that he will give the best to interview or speak in public if any society sits poorly in the community.

"Things have changed since the game has been launched, and not everyone is in our hands," Vonderhaar starts. "Other examples of changes that we have not been able to control allow everyone to unlock all the Experts and add more characters to season passwords, to give them more content."

"These two changes were not in our initial plans," continues Vonderhaar. "I can tell you what we have done and what we are planning, but things change and not all, or not all of them, can not be predicted know it. " This is virtually true in business terms. Once recently, she stopped answering questions or interviewing. "

Wake up He's been tired because he had accused of not speaking clearly, bread, according to him, he can not do things that they do not know, repeating that he is not even considered a judge. You will, as may be, repeated several times by some studies that made it clear that the operation of the fake boxes did not depend directly on them.

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