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"Call my old lady": who is the prosecutor who has indicated with Legal Justice and the mother of the young man accused of abuse – 04/12/2018


"Do I stop? Call my old lady!". The phrase, a trendy topic on twitter belongs to Rodrigo Eguillor, a 24 year old man, a public relations to a bar at Costanera, accused of sexual abuse. Eguillor's expression was given when it was delayed by the Ezeiza Airport Security Force, who told us that he could not be able to leave the country, he admitted that when he was about to travel to Spain to see Boca.

But the heart "call my old lady" cheats questions. Who is it? Paula Martínez Castro is a Criminal Enforcement prosecutor Lomas de Zamora and has been working in the Judicial Branch for over thirty years. As well as being a legal justice force, he has worked within the Office of the Public Prosecutor as an investigating prosecutor, trial prosecutor and, at present, as an enforcement prosecutor.

Martinez Castro works at the Office of the 14 de Lomas Prosecutor and carries out corrective tasks, not research. From corridors and courts in the south, they say directly: "It's a show." They refer to its histrionics that show always.



Another source, beyond the personality of the prosecutor – who has not yet made statements about the charges facing his son – has admitted he does not have good references nor very good reputation. And they're scrutinized in the following way: "There is no important case, they moved slowly away".

Despite the fact that the prosecutor is notified with Legal Justice, there are clubs that now his figure has pursued sadly because of his son, comes from all directions and depends on who is and who, They were thrown away. It's true Juan Grabois, who had been tweeted on Tuesday afternoon: "Paula Castro, Lomas prosecutor, does not allow Emanuel Córdoba (a young man who was a slave to steal a fighter) to serve his sentence at Vientos de Libertad Community House, but & # 39 Managing his son abuser, Rodrigo Eguillor: Macrist's justice: bullets for the poor, punishment for the rich. "

Other prosecutors described the characteristics of Martinez Castro: "Paula is a highly respected, very professional, well-prepared, legal and honest person, I have an excellent concept of it," said lawyer who has contact with women daily.

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