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Cabito sent 115 kilos after a gastric bypass and he has to regain weight now: "With separation and departure Everything, I did a type of anorex depression"


"I've been executed on a fart because if I did not die, I do not like it, I'll be very crap, my dad has broken and they were waiting for me. the operating room, but it's for another door. "

Eduardo Massa Alcántara, better known Cabito, a gastric bypass was performed in March 2017 at the doctor's suggestion and because he knew that, if he continued to gain weight, his life was at risk. The humorist emphasized 194 yards When he met a doctor and, according to his story, reaches 100 cents "he was a dream". But his doctor, analyzing that Cabito measures 1.84 metersShe told her that her ideal weight should be 85.

For almost two years -20 months to be more precise- of that surgery that was prepared for 40 days where it only made a liquid diet, it's not an ideal weight and he needs to gain weight.

"Already in it as a bit smaller, because I have a three-year-old stomach, and with the things that happened to me, to separate and exit the program, I stopped closing. I do not want to put it in terms of anorexia depression, but there's a kind of anorexia", explains the comedian Teleshow.

"Now I'll push 79, but I have 6 kilograms of skin, which is not fat, so I have to weigh 73 cms, my ideal impression is 85, and I am 79, five or six cents below., notes and adds that he has a group of doctors and nutritionists who "follow him closely" to increase.

Unlike what he did "throughout his life", who experienced non-dietary diets, the midwife is now being treated to gain weight and recover the weight he has lost. "Also, I was training five times a week, and that was also forbidden to me", says who best drinks dietetic foods: "If I can not eat, like whole yogurt with cereals. Something that's easy and that makes me eat"

"I have an apprenticeship, I used to eat six empanadas, after the operation, one and a half, but now I do not finish one, and I do not eat meat because it's too drummer, "he said about the changes in his order. food

In terms of the remaining skin, the humor says that it is only aesthetic and has an alarm of surgery, which is why, for now, it does not want to go through the operating room. "To be 32-tall, it's already millennium. L (large) in t-shirts ", he says and regrets – in some way – the money that spent" in the change from waist to waist "to buy belts, pants and more clothes he had to buy.

What did you do with what's great now? "I gave me," he added and added: "Here, there are no nice clothes for fat people, I may have had the chance to travel and buy things more cute".

Your exit of Enough of everything

However, he explains that he has proposals from the station to continue in another program, but has not yet made any arrangements. "Honestly, I thought it would not be important to anyone, but after Matias's editorial on Monday, I had to turn out the cell phone," he said.

"Although I'm in the media, I'll feel that I am Four drinks"adds who wants to go back to make TV.

Message of awareness

"If every note does for me, a fat man is being implemented, we've already saved a life," said Cabito. "Obesity is a disease and many think that the obese is because it wants, it's a lot of help, and I got from who my partner was at that moment, and my family, nobody else, "he explains.
"After that, over time there are coca woods that want to hang up that they do things that they did not really do, but she's in each and I do not know, I'll know Indeed, many people who want to hang on my fingers change … ", repeats the one that reveals that alcohol consumption is part of the fact that can not wait after the operation : "I do not almost drink from before, and now, I'll take very little".

In defining his career in the future, the comedian already has projects outside the field, due to the economic crisis experienced in the country and in the media. He studied cooking and he advises a gastronomy in a brewery, a hamburger restaurant in Lanús and works on a restaurant menu that will open on the Costanera.

Your partner and your friend is the famous chef Roberto Pini. "We're cooking together and set the menu so that after another chef runs in place, I'll eventually cook in some way.

"There's a very big crisis in the media, I've been seeing it for now, that's why I was cooking and studying other things," analyzing who recognizes he has lost jobs because of his ordewdra: "No one is going to take care because I said about it, but the idiot did when I was very young on television …".

The years passed, the profile of generations and media was changed. "Today, there are more serious drivers and there is more room," said Cabito, who knew how to be aware of each other and took bravery of the place where he was not believe that it must be implemented.

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