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By measuring the strength of the union, they cancel at least 70 Aerolineas Argentinas journeys throughout the country


Many councils have assemblies in the main airport terminals Credit: Argentina Aeropuertos 2000

. Credit: Silvana Colombo

With measures of union power, there are at least 70 flights from Aerolíneas Argentinas and Austral that canceled at the International Airport of

, Jorge Newbery Aeroparque and other air terminals inside the country.

According to a statement by Aerolineas Argentinas, the company was forced to cancel its operations in the morning today, "due to the maintenance of services that include guilds (APLA and UALA), personnel of the earth have grouped in the Personnel Society Aeronautical (APA), APTA technicians and the Advanced Personnel Union (UPSA) "the" they are looking for to affect the company's service. "

. Credit: Silvana Colombo

The banner assistant said this morning had canceled at least 70 trips and around 10,000 passengers affected by the situation. "As long as the services are extended, tickets or canceled flights could be even more," he added.

The reasons

"We keep tasks because the full wage of October was not paid and the company did not comply with last year's equality agreement," said MLAO Ferreira, APLA secretary this morning, in discussions with
THE NATIONAL. According to the unions, Aerolíneas did not comply with the trigger clause in October that was implemented in May and offered a monthly increase that accursed with inflation.

. Credit: Silvana Colombo

Ferreira said that the measure of force was indefinitely and will be charged "when there is certainty that they will finish paying the pay."

As a result of the assemblies that started at 7am, Aerolíneas was able to cancel all the flights that had to be made before 10am.

. Credit: Silvana Colombo

"The company is making its best efforts to relocate the passengers affected on the flights that are closest to its original programming, as well as travelers whose travelers can It's likely to change their tickets for dates or other destinations during a 30-day period, by the same way they buy them, "said the statement.

. Credit: Silvana Colombo

Guilds, at the war

Last Friday, for a
Measuring a surprising force of another order, the Argentine Specialist Association (AAA), dozens of journeys had been canceled in Aeroparque throughout the morning. The unions complained about "shrinkage, dismissal and judicial persecution" and the government described the measure as a "secret strike" and said there was a 40% salary increase during the year.

Flight information and re-programming

Aeroparque: 011 5480-6111

Passenger Calls Center: 0810-222-86527

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