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Buying the dollars dropped by the small savers – 12/20/2018


Demand for dollars from retail savers was again in November, according to the exchange report prepared by the Central Bank.

According to this document, "the net purchases of dollars were reduced by human beings for the fourth consecutive time, touching a new minimum, from US $ 450 million. "

According to the Central Bank "this is mainly explained by the lowest net demand for fundraising bills (US $ 128 million), a product of gross sales increase and a reduction in the gross ticket purchase".

This meant the fourth consecutive month with a decrease compared to the previous month and a new minimum since foreign exchange regulations were canceled in December 2015. "This reduction was observed in the net purchases of individuals in demand net or bills for allocation, with a number that increased the number of individuals who sold and reduced the amount bought compared to what was seen in October. "

Along with the number of sales, the number of operations had also fallen. In terms of October, the number of buyers decreased by 19.7% (212,000 individuals) and the number of vendors increased by 7.7% (49,000 individuals).

Usually, operations with a bank bank of individuals have concentrated in the strata is of amount: in November, 69% of gross sales and 63% of gross purchases were less than US $ 10,000. Vendors had gross per capita sales of US $ 1,260, while gross per capita purchases were US $ 1,170.

On the other hand, the flow related to the services of individuals totaled net profits for US $ 328 million, highlighting the net outflow for "Travel and other card payments", which registered outflow net or US $ 338 million, similar to what was observed in October and showed a 48% reduction year on year. In other words, the outbound outskirts to press to shop.

These figures explain several things: on the one hand, that the dollarization of savings has already reached a limit and, faced with the stability of the exchange rate or even declining it, people (and also companies & It's going to sell foreign currency, which the jargon is called "pop the canuto".

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