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Briton Angel Brittany against Thelma Fardin: "You should know that if you go to a homeland, journalists"


The actor who designated Juan Darthés For rape in Nicaragua, when he was 16, he excused the press at an event and driver LAM He did not let him go.

Ángel de Brito at Thelma Fardin noted not to speak to the press at an event. (Photo: Movilpress)
Ángel de Brito at Thelma Fardin noted not to speak to the press at an event. (Photo: Movilpress)

Wednesday night Thelma Fardin (26) was one of the artists who attended the role of the press Guinea Guinea Containers, in the Konex Cultural City. Until then, the press was there to cover the first of the show, and also to make notes with celebrities such as Juan Guilera o Mica Vázquez, but the actress – who pointed out Juan Darthés for violence – he refused to give notes.

Although Thelma owns the pictures of next rigor to a promotion banner, she was frightened by the presence of journalists who tried to interview her without success. "I do not want to make notes, I come as friends. I want to know if there is any restriction?" Poetry complained before leaving the organization without entering the theater, as he photographed. City completely.

Therefore, Angelo de Brito she crossed in Twitter To see one of the videos of the time in the social network: "What you should know is that there are premiere journalists. What do you go? Many of you support you in your complaint. "

Later, in defense Erika Mitdank towards Thelma Fardin, The Angelo de Brito It came to the conclusion: "Press releases are events where they call the press to make a note to the guests, who do not pay for the ticket. It's a convention. If you want to avoid it, you'll go to another function and close. Like, do what you're singing. Obviously. "

Photos: Movilpress

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