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Breeding crews …: Juan Otero, son of Flor Peña, destroyed in the pitch


He's 10 years old and the charisma that many models would like to have. He did not say he did not like his mother as a jury

Breeding crews ...: Juan Otero, son of Flor Peña, destroyed in the pitch

At the age of 10, the fraudulent Juancito already puts his mother's headache, peña flower / instagram

With a quick review of Florencia Peña's social networks, one can see that her middle child, the joyful Juan, we have recently known for her presence in "Dancing for Buddha", is triggered naturally They have the real stars. Through videos, the baby shows all his charisma, between costumes and natural, with expressive ways that create a great way for the art world.

The baby's charisma has led him to star more than a simple greeting in the Tinelli program, with increasingly longer interventions where, at some point, has crossed live with a mother when , having consulted Marcel himself, told the comedian he was lying when he stated that the actors did not promote sex scenes, alongside Laurita in his polemic record with Vigna by Cabré. "She did through the time with her former competing members", shed the deceitful Juancito, causing the laughter of those present, and she was inside the mother .

In this context, the creature, who speaks and says what she thinks, like every boy of her age, is "Los Angeles of the Morning "and, as a chemist of the entertainment world, where she said she loved her, the baby had nothing to talk about her mother's role as a jury … and she killed her!

"I'd like to criticize my mom because I'm fine. I'm really saying … Who's supposed to be there? Or me? It seems to me that a mother does not know much about technique like Pampita, for example, who could be there. Pampita, I'd like more, "said the baby, whose jury would be ideal for him: Angel, Laurita, Pampita and Polino.

Then he continued to have full utility airboards. They asked him how it seemed to him that his mother did not invite Tinelli to his birthday and to answer: "That's my mother's problem, if she does not invite her later, she'll do a bad life, not me, it's wrong to give her up. "No!

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