Monday , November 23 2020

Bonadio refused to postpone an inquest to Gianfranco Macri

He informed NA judicial sources that Gianfranco Macri, by solicitors, requested a deferral of the hearing set for this Thursday at 10 in a function that is still outdoors and arrives in the country early on Friday morning.

However, Bonadio refused the deferral and the president of the national president must be brought under notice, that is, if it does not go, it will go to search for it by the public forces.

In that way, in relation to Franco Macri, the solicitors asked to stop the hearing in arguing that The father of the Presiding Officer of the Nation has serious health problems and is not in a position to provide an inquiry statement.

According to the sources, together with the notification, the lawyers presented a medical certificate to the judge giving account of the condition of Franco Macri and it might be possible to order an expert opinion to confirm the situation this.

Bonadio quoted as well as other businesses, including Eduardo Eurnekian, for the North Access and the Autopistas del Sol S.A company accused of having paid bribes for Western access through the West County concession group.

The list of the calls includes the business of Gerardo Ferreyra, of Electroingenieria, who is already detained as a member of an illegal society for illegal payments to access public works.

Many defendants are stated again because the Bonadio Judge has separated the mother causing and split inquiries involving payments in the area of ​​transport, road concessions or public works.

For this reason, again mentioned former ex-workers Claudio Uberti, a former official of the Road Concession Control Body (OCCOVI) and former Secretary of Public Work José López, as well as former transport secretary Ricardo Jaime and former Federal Minister of Planning, Julio De Vido.

The new fixed investigations extend until next December 27, and after that it has ten days to resolve the procedural situation.

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