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Boca's new campaign: he employed a legal company with members within the TAS

The Disciplinary Unit of Conmebol against Boca and Alejandro Domínguez failed to be the finalists of the Libertadores Cup against the River finals for the next Sunday, December 9 at the stadium Santiago Bernabéu or Real Madrid. The team from Guillermo Barros Schelotto It will show up, but the club leaders will go ahead with the claims.

In the first place, they will appeal to the Conmebol Appeal Court. The Boquense Commission knows that there will be little chances of rising up in that case, however, they will go to the TAS (Arbitration Court for Sport).

Boca said the study was contracting He painted Ruiz and Del Valle, "one of the most notable and recognized international sports law" to join the organization's legal protection. In a statement issued hours ago, he also explained that the organization "confirms its decision to protect all channels and resources that have aimed at achieving justice"

The severity of this buffet of solicitors is that he has members within the TAS. José Juan Pintó Salá, the president of the study, was the Court's referee and worked at events such as the South African World Cup 2010 a The 2016 Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro.

Of course, in case Joyful destination i TAS, The Salá painted he can not practice as an arbitrator in this issue because of the bond that has just been formed with the club. However, two of the company's partners will represent Xeneize in this question: Lucas Ferrer to Jordi López Batet.

Ferrer belongs to Pintó Salá or 2004 and in her resume seems more than 400 sports matches as an advisor TAS (taking part in failures in football, swimming and tennis, among others). O 2011 is Head of Sports Law Department in the company and interferes in assessments of clubs, players and alliances within litigation under the orbit of FIFA to TAS.

Lopez Batet an expert in sports law and joined her Salá painted in 1999 (also specializing in commercial law). Advise operators in the field such as athletes, federations and representatives in regulatory and disciplinary matters. And he is also an arbitrator of the Barcelona Arbitral Tribunal and the Arbitral Football Tribunal.

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