Tuesday , December 1 2020

"Boca will remember the B, but Bernabéu" and "River has son": euphoric phrases of "Pinino" More

Oscar Pineapple More, indeed style, analyzes the historical victory of the River before its classical competitor at the Libertadores Cup Circuit that was debated in the Santiago Bernabéu and left a number of euphoric expressions who promise to answer a & # 39; the side xeneize.

In dialogue with 910 Football, a program broadcast by Radio And Network, the former superintendent praised that Boca can never get rid of this defeat and argue that the ones that Núñez have "have a son" have some La Ribera ones.

"The river was badly covered, but the Afon has great players with a great, great hierarchy, they are professionals, they love the shirt, they are "That's why the champion was the river," says Villa Ballester. And then he added: "They took us out, but not the eggs. If they were taking the game to the Malvinas River, who played because he had more eggs than Christmas ones. Boca can not say anything. "

According to Mas, the person guilty of defeat in the Xeneize is Guillermo Barros Schelotto. "I never take Benedetto, Tevez would have given more time and Gago should not have gone in," he said. However, that explained "Capable Benedetto asked about the change because of his crap".

"The B has made me". We went to the B, obviously, but Boca is never going to pull out, they are inside. We went to the B, but they will remember that we've won at the Santiago Bernabéu. They are going to remember the B, the Bernabéu B. Let them go to the church to mourn. They can never beat us, we have a son. He said what Marquec said because they were hurt. Afon won a historic game, "he said.

To close, Pineapple But he was delighted with Marcelo Gallardo, who applied for him directly to the Argentine National Team. "I'll put it first in the history of the River."

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