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Boca: the leaders choose Gustavo Alfaro, but want to avoid conflict with Hurricane – 12/20/2018


Y not José Pekerman's proposal for Boca to take over the technical diver creates a problem for the general idea of ​​Nicolás Burdisso in his new post as sports director. The reason he has deposited a good part of his intentions as former Colombian National Team coach. He had even planned expression between the First Sections and the Lower Divisions. The election has previously split into the other options again.

Gustavo Alfaro was one of the names aimed at Burdisso with enthusiasm. His serious profile and squad administration that was reduced was what he set out as the first option after the number Pekerman. Something else: Alfaro was always a man of confidence and consulted on the soccer Mauricio Macri at times the current President of the Nation would be the owner of Boca. But having to negotiate with a trainer with a current contract with Hurricane is something that creates more than one problem. Therefore, at the Board of Directors' meeting yesterday, it was argued that, although he is the main candidate, Boca does not want to conflict with Hurricane. In addition, they would not like the first step of the new manager suggesting an unfriendly operation with Argentine football. Now Gustavo Alfaro, who will spend the Fiestas in Mexico, is the one who has to make a decision.

The situation of Eduardo Domínguez, another of the technicians analyzed by the sports director, had already lost power in the eyes of the Board of Directors. Her good background in Hurricane and Columbus does not collect enough scrolls to make a jump to Boca. Despite his credit, he did not have any team and has people in his technical team who know the club. Beyond being a son-in-law Carlos Bianchi, his / her appearance is positive but not for this club moment. Waiting for new communications, he left alone with his agreement with Nacional de Uruguay.

Then, repeat the name of Antonio Mohamed on stage, to the taste of President Daniel Angelici. Nicolás Burdisso's idea was the same as he did with all the coaches: communicating to talk about football and his project. And yesterday he did through Skype. With a good reception among the leaders, the assembly of his technical staff was a problem that resolved in the short term and that's why he was left off. At present, Turkey appears as Alfaro's main alternative.

Miguel Angel Russo (with a field assistant with a past at the club) and Rolando Schiavi (still the Reserve coach) were other surnames that were thrown to the board at a CD meeting that was transmitted by situation # 39 the trainer The Uruguayan Diego Aguirre, even at San Pablo, was even offered a pressure manager for Uruguayan.

Ricardo La Volpe came to a surprising touch. Yesterday, in a note with DirecTV, the Bigotón added a great title: "I'm here to go to Boca de taquito". Many fans remembered his trip as a Xeneize coach at the Apertura 2006 tournament, when the team can not take advantage of a huge point of benefit and ended up losing the final with Estudiantes de Diego Simeone at Lis Vélez.

In Patricios they trust the contract and in the word the DT

At Caseros Avenue headquarters, the leaders trust two things: in the contract signed by Gustavo Alfaro and in the word engaged – both publicly and privately – from the trainer. President Alejandro Nadur, who has not spoken to the technician again (on holiday), maintains that the contract between Alfaro and Hurricane will be respected until the last day of June.

"We are convinced that Gustavo will continue to be beyond Boca's interest. We will not think of any B scheme. Even it has been talked about reinforcements to face Liberals and everything that is wrong; n come, "he said Clarin is the nearest leader of Nadur.

Alfaro wants a goalkeeper before leaving Marcos Diaz (Agustín Rossi, Marcelo Barovero, Ezequiel Unsain), midfield to second and elite forward (priority, Lucas Barrios).

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