Monday , November 30 2020

Blizzard reveals the Master of Hearthstone, his new sports program

Blizzard promised that there would be some changes in the scene Hearthstone, who will distribute $ 4 million in 2019. The company recently unveiled Master Hearthstone, his new sports program.

The Messrs of Hearthstone promise to be more entertaining, accessible and sustainable. It will first focus on a basic competitive category with qualifications open to all players. Blizzard plans to hold weekly tournaments during the Masters Tour season. The competitions take place through the Battlefy platform.

The players who earn at the qualifying period will be invited for the next stage. Registration for the above tournaments will be opened 2 weeks before the start date. The first competition will take place on March 5.

"For the supporters of the hierarchy, every month during the Masters qualifying season, we will announce the names of the best players into a standard rate game hierarchy. Those who finish the month among the top 200 will be invited take part in a regional hierarchy of the game, "added Blizzard.

The company also announced that the first phase of the Hearthstone Master's Tour will be in Las Vegas, United States, from June 14 to 16. The best players will compete for a USD 250,000 prize pool. This amount will be able to grow thanks to the contributions of the players, who will be able to acquire several special sports packs for a limited time. Part of the sales will be part of the prize.

In addition, Hearthstone Nutrition Groups, an event designated exclusively for the best competitors. You can be part of it by being one of the first places in a Masters Tour event. On the other hand, the Specialist Conquest format will be changed at the professional level.

This format suggests that all players will send 3 fake and one class and one of them will be the main one. The other 2 can have 5 different cards in relation to the main one. The first game of each game will be played with Dec 1. After that, the players will decide which decimal to use.

"Each of the games for the Master's and the best hierarchath ranking competitors will be best 3. All objections of Master's Tour events will also be best for 3, with the exception of the final, will the best of 5 ", Blizzard stopped.

Hearthstone It is available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Find all the news associated with it on this page.

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