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Better or worse? This was changing Jennifer Lopez over the years


Her career was one of the most popular celebrities in the world, and at 49, Jennifer Lopez looks radiant thanks to strict exercise and diet. So, over the years, he changed his image.

Jennifer Lopez changed his image over the years.
Jennifer Lopez changed his image over the years.

He led to his career as a singer and actress Jennifer Lopez She has millions of followers around the world, who not only flatten their profession but also their image and style. The Bronx Diva has a hard and looking figure that has changed over the years.

In order to maintain its sensory, Jennifer Lopez She is well known for her thorough training and hard sacrifices. Among its food secrets, the singer maintains a diet based on 100% organic foods and lots of vegetables.

"The diet is based on a good balance: high quality protein and fresh nutrients that are full of nutrients. Nothing industrial!" Stressed by his personal trainer Tracy Anderson. In addition, he ensured that Jennifer Lopez Never use any alcoholic beverage.

In his diet, the singer includes protein shaving and disinfectant coffee for breakfast, during lunch time, mainly including raw vegetables and protein meal, while the lunch contains a variety of vegetables and protein (meat , fish or chicken), with a dose of cereal or quinoa.

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