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Being dehydrated can reduce your libido and even make it painful

When you do not get enough water, your body can respond in a variety of ways, such as headache, sleeping difficulty, or dry skin. One of the most surprising signs of dehydration, however, means your sex life are physically and emotionally affected.

Tiredness, harassment, issues associated with the erection or vaginal drought are some side effects of not keeping adequate hydration. So, drink water extensively It can be of benefit to you in many ways.

Drinking enough water and stress levels seems close. The fluid body needs to operate efficiently and when it's scarce It can affect the organism in general.

2011 Study published in Aberystwyth Journal Journal of Nutrition Find out that mild dehydration affects cognitive performance and mood in young men, showing An obvious increase in anxiety and tension even when you're resting. Other studies showed that there was the same effect in the lack of women in women.

Other work ensures drinking low water produces an increase in cortisol, the hormone was related to stress. Concern is one of the great enemies of sex, so if it may happen, the frequency that their close relationships reduce.

Of course, drinking more water will not reduce your stress levels magically, but it will help your body respond more easily to external stressors. And lesser weight are you, There will be more opportunities for your libido to rise.

The headache reduces the desire to have sex.
The headache reduces the desire to have sex.

Another of the most frequent symptoms of dehydration is headache, is a nuisance that interferes with the desire to maintain a close relationship. That is why it is wise to drink water and not let headaches be a barrier to pleasure.

Dehydration causes dry skin and your area could also be affected. The vapor must be well lit before penetration occurs in a sexual relationship, but it may feel uncomfortable and even pain.

Lack of water in the organism causes a reduction in the elasticity in the vaginal walls, which leads to the vagina drought, the inside and the outside, and the difficulty i natural lubrication.

Also, this lack of hydration can also be affect your ability to reach orgasm. The body needs oxygen to operate and, as it is better, it's more open to experience the greatest pleasure.

According to Health Line, there is also a relationship between dehydration and erectile shell. Oxygen is needed for achieve and maintain an increase, due to the need for adequate blood flow for those sex organs. When the level of body fluids falls, angiotensin, a hormone that can cause blood vessels to contract, will be released. This prevents blood flow through the body, including the penis.

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