Thursday , August 18 2022

Bauza: "If you want to take me out, I will pass Quito tomorrow"


Rosario Canol It does not even find a hand direction Edgardo Bauza and today, after the fall to Lanús, a conference to the Paton press touched several times on his subject continued.

"I am firm, with conviction, I do not doubt," said the coach, who announced that he will continue with the usual team routine: "Tomorrow, we work in Arroyo Seco".

However, at the end of the press conference, an Ecumenical accent journalist insisted on the matter, which Bauza replied between smiling: "If you want to take me out, I'll take a ticket to Quito tomorrowI have no problems. "Did it really mean that it was not a joke?

At present, she is the wife and young son of the technician in Ecwator, where she is native. And recently, Paton warned that, as soon as he finished his trip through Canalla, he imagined himself in the Liga de Quito as a manager. We will have to see if the prophecy is fulfilled.

On the other hand, the coach tried to look forward: "We have to work with the players to reverse this situation, Santa Fe, we're going to go with another team, I & Think that it's a little bit of everything, trust has a lot to do ".

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