Tuesday , December 1 2020

Awesome! They reveal a serious risk of eating red meat

TMAO is formed by intestine bacteria during digestion and is a result of the nutrients that are full in red meat. The team of clinical trial experts carried out with 113 healthy men and women, the objective was to examine the effects of proteins – from red meat, white meat or non-meat sources – on production and substance.

Finally, researchers found that people who eat red meat TMAO levels are three times higher than those who carry out a diet that is rich in white or protein meat from the origin of a plant.

The best news is that once the diet that is full of red meat is left, these levels of substance decrease significantly in the body. The study's main author, Stanley Hazen, stresses that the research "shows for the first time the dramatic effect of changing the diet at TMAO levels". In turn, researcher Charlotte Pratt said that "these findings reinforce existing dietary recommendations that encourage people of all ages to follow a healthy eating plan for the heart; n restrict red meat. "

Source: RT News


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