Friday , November 27 2020

Authorize the online game in the City in the Buenosaar Actuary

Authorize the online game in the Buenosairean Legislation area, where it was illegal so far, and applied the bets to the results of football matches, though It excludes participants and participating club players of the event. The local state expects to raise 500 million pesos.

The law obtained 34 votes in favor of the ruling and 22 against opposing blocks that raised their objection for the compensation that the activity could have, such as gambling.

The enterprise creates "online games" and differentiates them from "chance or skill, sports betting, virtual gaming and non-betting sports that are being carried out using machines, instruments or support, of any kind or technology", points Telam.

The vote was held in the signed session of agreement between Horacio Rodriguez Larreta's control in the City and María Eugenia Vidal in the State of Buenos Aires for co-ordination of deeds when exploiting online games between the two authorities.

According to the officers of the Executive before the Legislation, there were found around a thousand Internet websites that sold games of opportunity in an inconsistent way, and the regulations were promoted for them so that the State was able to regulate the bets to protect "rights of underage children, consumers and consumers, as well as preventing money laundering. "

The measure, meanwhile, prohibits bettors associated with sporting events such as football league games "the athletes, coaches or other direct participants at the event or sporting activity on which the bet is made and there are directors of the participating sports organizations or organizers about the event or a sports activity on which the bet is put"

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