Friday , August 19 2022

At heart, Atlético strikes down the vacation and makes history


When Atlético's players arrived in the Bombonera, the first thing heard in the costume of the visitors was "Calma", one of the summer hits, the theme of Puerto Rican Pedro Capó After adapted with a compatriot regaton Farruko. There is a musical tasting on the side, the song appeared as a statement of principles, and should not be overcome by the nerves that had pushed the last three games without a goal in favor.

With "Calm" in response to everything, Atlético-again, as if he was never satisfied with his desire to write the best pages and the history that was done in the club again. The "Dean" confirmed his argument against Boca who won for the third time at La Bombonera, like the 1-0 of 1976 or 1-0 of 2016. As if that were enough, he reached his competitor in the third place in the board – he was dismissed from the battle for the title – and she made it huge to the Libertadores 2020 Cup.

For Atlético it was a great night of start. As if it were infected by the anthem that had sounded the dressing room, or by remembering a goal Leandro González In the summer of 2016, Atlético was already leading after eight minutes. I'm fussy by the left of David Barbona and effective refusal of Mauro Matos followed by toxic center, error of Julio Buffarini and definition of Gervasio Núñez who went straight to the story.

What followed was a game where Boca, being disadvantaged by the result, won half of the field. Atlético had a bad time on the left side of his defense, which was a sector where he was Sebastian Villa and Buffarini 2-1 was almost permanent to Mathias Abero, suffers from numerical inferiority. With Rodrigo Aliendro a Juan Mercier fill gaps between Emanuel Reynoso a Carlos Tevezwho should raise overtime Bruno Bianchi a Cristian Lucchetti, holders of the 1-0 part.

He was still curious: Boca suffered a goal from Nunez and the strength of Bianchi.

There is really a Barbona event happening nearby Esteban Andrada to that Leandro Díaz He lost a very clear hand against Boca's goalkeeper, but Lucchetti Villa replied, Nahitan Nández a Ramón Ábila As in the history of Atlético, only Cristian Lucchetti knew how to do it himself.

If Atletico's opposition in the first half had already had heroic colors, a record Mauro Zarate reinforcement and danger. The stunning thing – and that's what football is – and the picture came where the worst seemed to happen: Abero had crossed in time but the ball turned out in Abila and hit Lucchetti out.

Atlético seemed to be happy with the draw because Boca, in his last attempt to fight the Championship for Racing and Defense and Justice, gave all the chips: happened to attack Zarate, Avila and newer received Darío Benedetto a Cristian Pavón. Ricardo Zielinski she responded to her Ricardo Noir a Nery Laws to compensate for the offensive arsenal of that opponent, but that's where Diaz's recovery came, a mistake Carlos Izquierdoz and the definition of a prince of Barbona who, as a Núñez goal, also happened to history.

Back and forget the three games without winning or goals, but that's the least. This great Athletic is that it makes the something amazing is normal.

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