Tuesday , January 19 2021

Argentines's famous scandal led to a restaurant in Miami

Many celebrities accept proposals to promote specific products in return for money or products. In fact, with the advent of the social networks and power of Instagram reception, brands are paid – or offer something back to celebrities to promote their products in their official accounts. Although the agreement is not always perfect.

That happened Luca and Joaqun Galn, better known as the Pimpernel brothers. The artists were composers of true scandal in a remainder of Miami. As illustrated by Lucas Bertero in El Diario de Mariana. There was insult, scream and there was a bad time. The celebrity was fine, I explain, explained the journalist.

According to Bertero, Luca was invited to enjoy a lunch she could share with whoever wanted, and that would run on behalf of the owner of the organization. In return, as a way of promoting the place, the celebrities and guests (his brother and not less than Gloria Estefan and Emilio Stefan) must agree to take some pictures. And some pictures were a lot.

Despite the insistence, the couple and makers of Argentine singers enjoyed lunch. Everything went great until, when the pudding arrived, the local manager sent the bill. That's fine, it was not free as promised! For that reason, the singer sent a country, a hill in a clera, to call the manager and listen to scriptures and insults. According to transgender, the account is more than one thousand dollars.

Luca told me that the Stefan always pays, that you can not win by hand. Then she wanted to invite her and what happened to her, Lucas said. The La Estampa place is called, according to Marina Calabr. Luca told me that Maxi, my ex-husband (the owner) had been invited to lunch, left the restaurant and made the manager mistake. There is no scam or anything strange, the panellist explained.

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