Monday , January 25 2021

Argentina is the most expensive country in the region to buy video games Chronicle

Argentina has been positioned as the most expensive country in Latin America to buy a console and even to buy video games.

For example, the average global value of Xbox OneS is $ s332, in the $ s395 region, and in Argentina reaches $ s523.

Something similar happens with the popular PS4 Pro The average price in different countries of the world reaches US $ 543, in Latin America, our US $ 623 and the local market is 39 n reach US $ 715. Most of all, the difference in value is given by the heavy tax burden.

The average price of a console is $ 405, the same value as Mexico and Colombia. In Argentina, the average price is US $ 562, that is, $ 21,464, equivalent to a 14-inch notebook, shows the 2019 Video Game Price Index prepared by Lunch.

"If Argentina wanted to buy all the consoles, we would spend $ 3,370 (about $ 150,000), 1,590 more than Canada", explains the company's report.

In addition, we ensure that the average price of a video game is $ 50. In that sense, the cheapest saga is the PES with an average price per game of 48 dollars and the most expensive Halo with 58. .

According to data from the specialized agency Newzoo, Argentina – number 27 of the world – it is moving slightly more than US $ 450 million and has 34 million users.

Six in ten people spend up to three hours a day as a player and can spend four hours a week as spectators of live coverage.

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