Tuesday , August 9 2022

Arde Córdoba: there are warnings and the heat will continue


The city is burning. After three days of infective heat, the National Meteorological Service announced warnings of heat and storm hours.

At 16 the thermal feeling reached 39.6 degrees. The temperature reached 34.7.


Warnings about rains and storms apply to the south of Cordoba. The storms are expected to be strong, can bring extensive, extensive multiple shortages, strong electrical and occasional sewerage electrical activity.

The notice will continue until 9:00 p.m. Temporary amendments will not be ruled out.

ARDE & DINAS. Here's how the heat was tested at Sarmiento Park. (Nicolás Bravo)

Heat in Córdoba

In addition, the SMN maintains a warning of heat waves. For the rest of the week and the weekend it is expected that the weather will continue in older temperatures.

Only this Sunday the temperature would fall slightly and the storm is expected in the city of Córdoba.

Friday The minimum temperature expected is 20 degrees and the maximum is 35.

Saturday It is expected at least 19 degrees and a maximum of 30.

Sul In the morning we expect 18 degrees and by afternoon 28.

Watch from light

Before noon, the temperature in Córdoba was already 31 °. The intense heat produced that the demand for electricity consumption would grow, why they were asked to make Esec a reasonable use of the energy.

"The historic record was registered in Córdoba on February 6, 2018. In Capital there were 806 megawatts at 2:30 pm. And in the entire state the same day was 2,010 megawatts," the company was praised.

On 12th of Thursday, the recorded use began in the Cordoba city of 670 megawatts, which will increase with running hours.

From Epec they remember the importance of using air conditioning at all times in 24 degrees. In this way, you will spend 56 percent less than when you give 17.

In the case of power hours, he repeated the 24 hour contact line from the provincial energy company: 0800 777 0000.

Fire risk

Due to the high temperatures, low percentages of moisture and regular winds of the northern sector, the Provincial Fire Management Plan stated that there was an extreme risk of forest fires in the Province.

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