Thursday , January 28 2021

April began with an increase in fuel, gas and subways

April started with the list of progress that users and users will have to face already includes an increase in natural gas, subway and fuel rates, which began to be used in the last days of March. For May, meanwhile, a 7.5% increase is expected in pre-paid installments, authorized by the Government.

Over this month, the subway fare will cost $ 19 and the Premetro $ 7 price, although from May the values ​​will be $ 21 and $ 7.50 respectively. Although it is not yet known exactly what date: first we must publish the decision in the Official Gazette and the increase will be applied five working days later.

The update responds to the variation in the technical rate reflecting the operating cost of the service, which tto update it to October, it became $ 23"they explained the company Subterráneos de Buenos Aires where the need to contribute to politics was also noted t reducing subsidies.

In the last days of March, fuel prices also increased. The average increase was 4.72% for the network of service stations YFP, 4.9% for Axion and 9.5% for Shell.. In the YPF pumps, the liter of super naphtha had remained at $ 40.43, the premium nathatha at $ 46.65, the diesel was $ 37.94 and the premium diesel was $ 42.33.

The increase in gasoline and diesel oil, in part, is due to an increase of 2.8% in the fuel duty I had to share our two sections (one in March and another in April). But the main cause is the jump in the price of other people two factors that determine the value of fuel: Brent raw and the dollar. The price of the dollar was $ 38 at the beginning of February and USD 64.60 for the barrel of crude oil. At the end of March, the dollar went to $ 45 and reached raw 68 USD.

"The reality is that companies are increasing less than they should because the material is shrinking; There is a game between supply and demand. Obviously each time there is more super premium and less is sold and the market is decreasing", says a source of the sector.

Meanwhile, the percentage increase is natural gas rates, which will apply from this Monday are dispersed in 3 months until arrival in June on accumulation of 29% t (10% in April, 9% in May and 8% in June). The new tariff tables were published this Monday in the Official Gazette.

Also, from June to September, the gas bill will reach households with a 22% reduction on the total bill, which compensates for the increase in winter, which is the period of greatest use. This difference will be transferred to invoices from December, when usage is lower.

Like this, 22% of the 4 month coldest usage will be transferred to 4 months of the summer. So, starting in June, eating will also start being billed monthly, rather than using it every two months as it is now.

In May there will be no respite for users. The Government has already authorized the Prepaid medication companies to implement new increases in their fees by up to 7.5% t from sale to May. In this way, prepayments build up an increase of 42.2% in the last 12 months. The latest increase was 7.5% since June; Another 7.5% from August, 8% from October, 8.5% in December and 5% in February.

Also, for May There will also be an increase in gas rates – the second installment of 9% – and water, which will rise 27% after 17% in January. And the new subway rate to $ 21.

At the end of 2018, the prepaid medication companies had approximately 6.2 million members, with only 1.2 million of them volunteers, that is, they hire the service on their own. From the rest, the bulk gets its contributions from the Social Security to the prepaid one through the social works and the associated companies must pay, from fear of the corresponding difference in the amount of the private scheme.

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