Friday , August 19 2022

Ante River, players from San Martín will be able to respond to Coyette


San Martín will play in the Monumental, against the River, in one of his worst moments since he was in the Superliga. Lastly in the table of averages, the ability to maintain the category hanged by yarns, lost his trainer (who used this week to sweat court and stain players, leaders and supporters) and should seek break the bad momentum from the # i Floreal García, the interim DT, almost a fire man had to break with the fire.

But in the middle of a scenario that looks distressed, not all are annoying. To visit the last American champion, the "Santo" will return key players, important, important pieces in soccer, but especially in the group.

Because if something had criticized during life Gastón Coyette (beyond the limited point crop, which included only two key wins, against Racing and Atlético) was misrepresentation of the group. The young DT did not have any waist, the pieces moved as he was proud, changed thousands of names during his stay and had a refill Matías García a a Claudio Bieler, two names with specific pressures in the group.

"The departure of Coyette has changed the mood in the dressing room, the weather with which it was ordered was unacceptable in recent weeks, but now everything has changed", explained in the bolivar and Pellegrini pressures. "You do not have to waste energy in answer. His words show what it is. We must try to focus on reversing a difficult situation in football", was the message that came out inside La Citadel.

Coyette left a team coming to think of the mind. That's why Garcia was clarito As soon as the post came. "You have to raise them, because good material", was its first words as the interim coach of the professional team.

And so, the DT did not walk with slopes. San Martin needs to add and because the union of all the legs and this structure is indispensable. That's why Garcia wants them well "Taca" and "Caco"; a Tino Costa a a Lucas Acevedo. They all paint to play in the "Millionaire" house.

Everything that Coyette made of space will be adapted in a week. Garcia will appeal to the team to become half a strong court back (he has received seven goals in four official matches this year) and take full advantage of every chances of attack.

Floreal took over the Reserve cohort at the beginning of this year, and at that time that team corrected good results of good results: defeated Tiger, Defense and Justice and Belgrano; and only lost, defended and with a smaller man, against Godoy Cruz.

Therefore, in La Citadel they hope the coup will be transferred to the First team. Consider, from the historical hand (that Coyette has had a bastard), Garcia gets the miracle that "Holy" needs to go away.

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