Monday , June 27 2022

Another step towards improving HIV: they find a way to eliminate cells that have been infected


HIV-AIDS spreads into the body i Take a special type of lymphocytes and reproduce them. The current drugs prevent this mechanism and prevent the virus from spreading, but the infection remains hidden in these cells and the patient must take medication for the rest of his life. A French study may be close to changing this and finding a way to delete it.

Researchers from the Pasteur Foundation (France) worked on a statement: HIV does not use all CD4 lymphocytes to multiply. So far, the reason why some and others have been selected are not anonymous. Now, these specialists could decide on it.

According to the article published in the scientific cell Cell Metabolism, the exact metabolism that makes the difference. Some of these immune cells work too hard to generate energy and carry out their functions. This great metabolic activity (which mainly includes the use of glucose), makes them more likely to be infected by AIDS virus. That is know CD4 lymphocytes with high activity and make them illthen use that energy and cell products in their favor.

This mechanism can then become a weak point to attack the virus. According to the article, scientists They were able to destroy the infected cells (which keep the virus hiding in the body) by preventing the metabolism. At present, this has been tested in experiments with biological tissues in an artificial environment (ex vivo) and has a long way to go, but it opens the door for new studies that stop in a cure.

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