Tuesday , August 9 2022

Another Indian finds: there is a new moon


(ANSA) – The most distant planet on Earth, Neptune, now counts 14 pictures, according to a discovery published in the Nature magazine by the Seti Foundation group for searching for extraterrestrial intellectuals of Mountain View, in California .

The group, co-ordinated by Mark Showalter, reported on new discovery moon known as Ippocampo, as the marine creature of Greek mythology, with a diameter of about 34 kilometers. This is the smallest on the planet. He had escaped the observations made in 1989 by the Voyager 2 space seeker.

Now, thanks to the images taken by Thelescope Space Hubble, the researchers were analyzed with the use of advanced processing techniques. In this way, it was possible to concentrate, despite its rapid accelerations, the most common Neptune moon, that is, those within the greatest moon orbit, Tritn.

Hippocampus is approximately 12 thousand kilometers of Proteus, which is 200,000 kilometers from Neptune, two thirds of the Earth's distance from Lleuad. Like the other six rest in Neptune discovered in 1989 by the Voyager 2 crew, Ippocampo is also the "youngest on his planet," says Seti experts. He's probably formed, added, "from the nearby Proteus Moon pieces, when a comet was hit."

One of the things that can be deleted immediately is that it is a piece of the other big moon: Proteus. "Proteus plays an unusually large crater of the name Pharos, a significant sign that the moon could not escape the effect of destruction," writes the ancestor Anne J. Verbiscer in an article commenting on the discovery. "Whenever this effect has happened, he's sure he has thrown an orbit of debris around Neptune," he added.

Another assumption is that this new moon could be formed by the effect of comets after Tritn was released.

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