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ANMAT has banned three products


November 28, 2018

The official communication of new provision came through the Gazette Officer's day edition.

Y National Drug Administration, Food and Medical Technology Administration (ANMAT) prohibits the distribution, commercialization and use of three medical products, by provision 2021/2018 o & n Official Bulletin from this November 28.

It's related to the products "Arrope de tiuna";"Honey caña"A"Cranberry Arropes ", all marks El Panal, Regional Handmade Products, with RNPA No. 22035755 and RNE No. 22002034, Route 204- Bobadal- Santiago del Estero, which" fails to comply with current food regulations ".

Subject ANMAT describes that "the products are contrary to article 3 of the 18284 Act, article 3 of Annex II of Statement 2126/71 and Articles 6 bis, 13 and 155 of the CAA, as they do not have authorizations for the establishment and product , labeled it briefly, resulting in being illegal "

It also states that "because they are products that can not be designated reliably and clearly that they have been produced, processed and / or shared in a particular organization, they can not be produced anywhere in the country, or market it or sell it in the territory of the Republic according to what is regulated by Article 9 of the 18284 Act and that " In support of this, the INAL Legislation and Regulation Department recommends the ban on marketing of the aforementioned foods throughout the national territory. "

"The procedure outlined in control and control functions corresponds to the practice of the National Medicines, Food and Medical Technology Administration (ANMAT), paying attention to a health responsibility that is compatible with & # 39; r population "too.

On Tuesday, the Ministry also conveyed other bans. Here is the "Volumat brand twumetrium Volumat, model: Agilia", which has the following number of series: 22029379, 22029380, 22029395, 22029635, 22029646, 22029648, 22029751, 22029767, 22029803 to 2205106.

The decision was made after the signature "FRESENIUS KABI S.A", a manufacturer and importer of medical products enabled by this National Administration by ANMAT Order No. 7854/14, indicated that there was a loss of 10 (ten) units.

ANMAT prohibited commercialization of medical products

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