Sunday , March 7 2021

Andrea Estévez is crying about his father and daughter Hannah, who is restarting his life with another girl

(Video: Pamela in the afternoon, America)

In Pamela in the afternoon, has announced that the former husband Andrea EstévezWe will expect a child with another girl. With the actor and hosting a hotel, they completed the information that he spoke about his father and daughter Hannah.

"Very good treatment, It's asking me to bank it economically and live by treating me, "he said in dialogue with him Pamela David about the relationship he has with him Juan Manuel García I also liked psychological damage because they separated and had to return alone with six months to the country.

Regarding the situation of infidelity he lived, he admitted: "He sent me messages to me when I was in bed with his love."

Then he ensured he was a completely absent father: "Three months and a half ago I'm getting from the US, I'm a kangaroo mom", confirming that he had a daughter through the day. He also said that he was still crying that he does not receive any help to move Hannah's growth forward.

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