Sunday , January 24 2021

Andrea del Boca left the country's daughter after the controversial interview

Last week, Anna Chiara, daughter i Andrea del Boca, creates excitement for a note made for the magazine Faces The 18-year-old gave details of the terrible relationship with him Ricardo Biasotti, his father But this is not the only suffering during his childhood, as he also has a conflict in school.

All this Andrea and Anna's situation gave publicity and their statements were debated and debated on television. They harvested support and refusal in the programs: the players took advantage of punishing the actor, while the defendants justified the young person's hard statements against his predecessor, as she was he called himself.

Nos Sul, A mum and a girl took a Cancel and went on holiday. They spend a week in the warm beaches of Mexico, before returning to Argentina. They reach the Ezeiza terminal at 18.30 and went to the terminal of Aerolineas Argentinas. When walking through the airport, the artist took a number of pictures and his daughter received words of affection and support to the hard story he told them.

On the one hand, this year, the young girl intends to dedicate herself fully to act and to perfect herself in that branch of art. He has invited to take a scholarship in the United States to a very difficult arts academy in giving scholarships to new students.

On the other hand, the former Biasotti intends to return to action, as well as some overseas projects as an actress and as a host. He will have to face a possible verbal and public trial during 2019 for cheating the State for the subsidy received to make the novel Mom Heart, The because the judge in the case has already transferred the file to the office and prosecutor to make the request.

The federal judge Sebastian Ramos was transferred to prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita so that he decides whether he or she alleged that the case had already passed a verbal or public test or asked in advance of some evidence. Juan Pablo Fioribello, lawyer of the actor, confirmed this potential verbal experiment, but he assured that his client "did not commit any crime and that there was no overcrowding".

Meanwhile, Andrea and Anna decided to spend a few days in the paradisiac Mexican beaches to rest and go away from the journalist siege. Equally equally the young people have already confirmed that they will not give more interviews at the moment and do not want to continue to deepen in the conflict with their dad. He prefers to return to his / her life in a lower profile, and only to be spoken in the media for his artistic work and future as an actress.

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