Friday , August 19 2022

Analysis of "Revenge", the new film by Liam Neeson: a story that collects the viewer


The life of Nels Coxman, a driver driving a snowflake in a small town in Colorado, is being disturbed when he learns that his son Kyle died in the hands of a few murderers who blamed him to disappear a lot a bit of drugs. After painting and with thirst for delays, the man ends in a war against the drugs that are responsible for family trauma.

Liam Neeson He has become an expert in this type of story, for the umpteenth when he is making a referee trying to do a "justice itself", a type of modern Charles Bronsson, but with more mood and doses of black humor. In this opportunity, the script is much more agile and loyal.

In fact, unlike Taken o Di-Stop, the main character is not a former agent with professional training, so it will refine and become more deadly as the plot goes on. This allows Neeson to show its histrionic part, sequences that also succeed in decomposing dark and heavy plots.

Another big difference with the Neeson action films is that it does not have an excessive presence on the screen, to the contrary it shares the story with several characters of the most varied, so that there is no sense of saturation in the movie.

Laura Dern, Emmy Rossum, Julia Jones, William Forsythe and Elysia Rotaru they are part of the cast. The director Hans Petter Moland responsible for giving this repeat from a feature film of 2014, and he respects his original film work, but thinks of a pochoclero audience that needs high impact scenes and more explanatory dialogues. The result is entertainment that captures the viewer and stands out of the genre average, with very good and generous views that are a reminder of best cinema and the Coen brothers .

The snow, another character in Mirror, is the only white and white you'll see through almost two hours of film. It's worth it

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