Monday , November 23 2020

Ana Rosenfeld said in the Bar Association for breaking professional confidentiality in the case of Darthés

Monday in Aberystwyth afternoons everything was guessing and changing stating: It was known – in the journalistic field – that's a name Juan Darthés It was what Argentine Actrices would talk about the case of Thelma Fardín's cross.

We had to wait for the official announcement among so many versions. At the time, the lawyer Ana Rosenfeld he had already decided to give the best to represent the actor legally in the case that was started Calu Rivero. Rosenfeld knew what would happen a day later; and in fact, he was going to announce he was going out of the case immediately after notifying Fardin.

For some unknown reason the lawyer did not want to wait and publish through Twitter his resignation to continue sponsoring Darthés in the Justice. That same night went to the program Santiago del Moro, The Tangible, and told them about the defense and conversations with the actor. For many colleagues, The so-called "secret secret" broke which led to a series of allegations against him in the Bar Association.

Lawyer Francisco Onetto made this white against Rosenfeld, It is not the first one that the lawyer has in the entity that brings together legal professionals. There have probably been previous complaints, some of which have effective fines that she must comply, one of which is about 80 thousand pesos recently. What Rosenfeld's fear – and who wants Onetto – is that they take the license plate. This is unlikely in the facts, but a collection of complaints against it in the heart of the entity puts it at risk.

Onetto, according to the latest versions can defend Darthés in the case of Thelma Fardín, before losing Fernando Burlando i defense. This lawyer still retains the backup question: "If I would advise or defend we would not say, because first you have to & The presentation would be judicial and then confidential. It would accept protection of any person who has the right to defend himself. every person is innocent until otherwise proved. I refuse to say they are already guilty. If we begin to do justice through our hand, we return to state. If a man raises a wife, he must be imprisoned; but let's make sure that that person is that, "said Onetto in the program Take part America.

Onetto starred in a very strong cross with a member of that group on television. "You make a witch hunt," he said on the screes and finally Judaic Mariano He took him out of the sky because of his poor ways with a woman. He is now going to Rosenfeld in the Bar Association for breaking the "professional secret" of his damage, according to his debates, from Darthés on Monday.

In turn, Teleshow He could know that the actress Calu Rivero will also present a lawsuit against the lawyer for bringing a complaint against him at the time that represents the actor, to refuse his defense when he heard the allegation of "violence".

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