Saturday , May 21 2022

An unknown space object skims the Earth: experts do not know what it is


An object of unknown origin passed very close to Earth on the night of Dec. 1 before returning to the solar system, but scientists are still debating its origins. It is known to measure between 5 and 10 meters in diameter and has passed at a distance of less than 50,000 kilometers from our planet. By comparison, the distance to the Moon is 384,400 kilometers. It is also expected to return in a few months, in February or March next year.

This ‘small moon’ has been the subject of speculation since it was discovered on September 17 by astronomers operating NASA’s Pan-STARRS1 survey telescope. At first, they assumed he was an asteroid, and even baptized him 2020 SO, using the usual designation to name those heavenly bodies.


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