Thursday , May 26 2022

An inSight NASA auditor on Mars who sent a picture led


After years of undesirable work, NASA finally can send space searcher on the red planet and share a picture for the whole world.

Y Robot InSight it came to the red planet, this Monday at 8:47 PM, as planned.

Nasa confirmed that the minutes before the InSight 21 examiner began its trepidant and dangerous deterioration to the red planet. Then, NASA confirmed that its spray had landed, or rather, cocked.

During that seven minutes the ship reduced its speed 20 kilometer per hour he will travel when he goes to the atmosphere Martian up to eight kilometer per hour for Develop its three legs and touch the ground at two meters a second.

"I'll feel you, Mars, and soon, I'll know your heart, after landing well, I'm here, I am home", the official Twitter profile of the InSight module, which has since been The quiz was launched on May 5, It has been redistributing its milestones.

His allies to survive the "seven-minute terrorism", as NASA calls for the exciting uprising of his robots, was his heat shield – which defends the robot of more than 1,000 degrees Celsius that he will be Supported when entering the Martian atmosphere. , a supersonic parasitic and a retro-rocket system that allows it to rest on the surface smoothly.

The place chosen for Landing is a waste of the name Elysium Planitia, The "huge plain where nothing is practical", says researcher Jorge García Pla, at the Astrobiology Center (CAB / CSIC-INTA).

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