Wednesday , June 29 2022

An innovative toy promotion with Marley and Mirko who enjoyed the driver


So, it's not surprising that just before Christmas, a toy shop has appealed to its sudden fame to promote a toy of dad with a baby with the poster "Marley and Mirko arrived."

With a characteristic good humor, a driver La Voz Ariannin He commented on the inventive idea in his Twitter account. "It's funny and creative, you have to admit! We'll buy it with the piece of paper and everything I remember haha", he wrote.

"Careful, Marley. I asked for your percentage ", I had given it Angel De Brito next to the image, which came soon and received all kinds of comments.

In short, a milestone in the very small life Mirko, which creates love and a very special attraction among people.

"The striking of all the love it produces and what has happened with him in the networks. The important thing is that this leads to the naturalization of new families that can be put together at these times. Many who want to be parents follow this beautiful love story of a father and son and hope that they will help all of this in order to secure better adoption and oversight laws in the country, "Marley wrote at that time.

"Thank you all for such a lot of expressions of affection. Mirko is the youngest gold winner in history. Thanks to everyone who, through the networks, gives me and my son so much love, "said Marley excited last Monday, when the child came from just one year to Martin Fierro de Oro," he added. proud.

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