Thursday , January 28 2021

Amid the fall in sales and the crisis in the sector, which is the most sold car models

So, patents in the first quarter of the year were not more than 140,000 units: these are the lowest figures since 2006, the year ending with 450,000 units in the same period.

In this context, some of the brands lost a share of the market, which was Chevrolet (which ranged from 14.4% in March 2018 to 11.3% in March 2019), Ford (o 13% to 12.1%), Fiat (from 11.3% to 9%) and Peugeot (from 8.1% to 6.2%).

While all companies have fallen in sales, some they gained participation. This is the case of Renault (which went from 13.7% in March 2018 to 16.7% in March 2019), Volkswagen (from 14.3% to 16.1%), Toyota (from 10.5% to 11.1%). It also grew Nissan, Citroën and Honda.

In this context, the ten best selling models in Argentina during March Ford KA (5.7% of the whole market), Chevrolet Onix (5%), Renault Kwid (4.3%), Renault Nuevo Sandero (4.1%), Volkswagen Gol (4.1%), Fiat Cronos (3, 9%), Chevrolet Prisma (3.7%), Toyota Etios (3.7%), Peugeot 208 (3.5%) to Ford Ecosport (3.2%).

By brands, meanwhile, the most sold were Renault (17% of the market), Volkswagen (16.3%), Ford (12.1%), Chevrolet (11.5%), Toyota (11.4%), Fiat (9.2%), Peugeot (6%), 4%) , Nissan (3.8%), Citroen (3.5%) and Honda (2.2%).

According to Acara data, in the last month in the part of high-end cars, cars sold Alfa Romeo, four Porsche, four Jaguar and one Maserati.

The collapse of the domestic market added to the combination of holdings and reduced rebates – damaging the competitiveness to a reduction in exports of productivity, with subsequent exclusions and redundancies, which are t some 4,000 workers in the industry are already affected.

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