Wednesday , November 25 2020

Amalia Granata after the Actrices conference: I am sorry that the depressing and depressing deed is coloring it with ideology

Amalia Granata He just talked to after the press conference Actresses Ariannin in the Multi Theater where and mostly the handkerchiff and Thelma Fardin he indicated a cross to Juan Darthés happened in 2009 during a round trip "Live Garth".
"Nobody there is in favor of both lives. The conference began to sing a legal abortion, Imagine!", the panellist began "Pamela in the afternoon", America.

"I am sorry that the depressing and depressing deed act with it is ideologically, I hope that Nicaraguan Justice will act quickly and when I talk about the importance of Justice, I & # 39; n means, if it does not operate, everything will not be nothing and we will not move on ".

"The prisoner and violence against prisoners must be imprisoned, with the social condemnation that we do not solve the aberration suffered by that girl, and # 39 ; There must be a real condemnation of Justice, this is the only way to start giving up the most untidy ones, the mode and the green singers disappear my words by the time ", stressed the journalist.

And he consulted them on why he believes there is no room for the blue cancer Actresses Ariannin, he said: "Because they have made the whole conference with the white blade and they will be sung with a song that said: legal abortion".

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