Tuesday , November 24 2020

Alternative Summit, while provincial PJ is strengthened Chronic

By Damián Juárez
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Peronism introduced this week a number of paintings that were caught. This trend is that there are different presidential proposals, which contrast with a unity scenario in the state of Buenos Aires.

At the national level, in the presidential category, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner continue to collect most votes in the surveys, while the Federal Alternative space does not disappear, which means that all forecasts talk from the end of the "end to end" between the old President a Mauricio Macri.

The two factors that appear with the best chance of fighting for a presidential place are Sergio Massa a Roberto Lavagna, who held a meeting at the end of the week.

Massa recognized in the last hours that this meeting was "trying to try to create an alternative" towards the general elections.

The meeting was held last Friday in the Buenosairean Saavedra area, and Massista's contributions also took part as Graciela Camaño a Marco Lavagna, economist and son Roberto.

"In 2015 we made mistakes and it was not enough for us to represent what Argentina's society expects us: in person, just because of lack of experience and something else because of the speed we plant the stage after the a win in 2013 I felt everything was getting very sudden and that's leading you to make good and bad decisions "Massa said as a way of self-criticism.

He was also of the opinion that it would be necessary if he won the opposition "to negotiate the agreement with the IMF, which today allows the State to press for tax collection and set the interest rate that only guarantees profitability for those who betray & # 39; the financial timba and destroys and those who work every day ".

Agreement and merger

While at a national level, Peronism fails to seal a list of units for internal evacuation, at Buenos Aires State level last Thursday, it was confirmed that the Kirchner and Peronist sectors went hand in hand, as it had developed Chronic several months ago

Although it is not clear who will be a candidate, each sector recognizes Christina as a leader, and in order to be clear, attendance Maximum Kirchner between the PJ's strong competitors the days reconnected by the conurbano passed.

Axel Kicillof, on the upper K side, Veronica Magario a Fernando Espinoza for La Matanza a Martín Insaurralde, with the support of many mayor, are the most robust ones to incorporate the candidature to a governor.

This attempt between Peronism and Kirchnerism is not small, and they even aim to capture the wills of Buenos Aires's factors that play with mascism.

This Buenosaar Peronist union also assaulted Bedbugs of Alternative Alternative, as if the Massa-Lavagna couple were trying the presidential race, he would have a serious problem in the most armed state of the country, which represents a total of 40% of the votes nationally, because there are a large majority of the principal deputies, the senators and councilors, as well as those who are # 39; n intend, already in the united Peronism.

That is why in this situation many say that Massa could "go away" the presidential and finally decide to add his name to the list of candidates for Buenos Aires governor. This is not a reality today but it can be confirmed as the election times go ahead and Federal Alternative does not succeed in the "move needle" of the popular will.

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