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Alfredo Casero i Diego Brancatelli: "You've gone to buy in La Salada" – 02/21/2019


After the public complaint he did Diego Brancatelli, reporting on the situation he experienced when he was walking with his family in Unicenter and two people insulted him and sent to "buy the villa", Alfredo Casero responded with a video of almost four minutes, which ran on Twitter account.

After recording inside the car and looking directly on the camera, the comedian began: "I'm going to say something mainly to Brancatelli: That man is thriving of you and in Tell you to go shopping in the village shopping Villero is not your own life. You should not go shopping in the village"

Alfredo Casero raised a hard video against Diego Brancatelli.

Alfredo Casero raised a hard video against Diego Brancatelli.

"You have to buy in a shopping mall because you have a white, you're going to Miami and everything else, because you laugh at that. Protect surface removal jets by cagadores, by thieves, etc. because you have thought of this type. It's acceptable across the world, "he continued.

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Home Ask Brancatelli's attitude, from suffering himself – according to him – with what happened. "They always focus me and I'm inside what people think is a government where I have included it, that is not the case. Brancatelli, bank the fruit if you like the fish. Do not go out and make a quilombo crew because he has nothing to do with her. "

"It's different when five or six people attack you as what happened to me. Or what happened to Wiñazki last night. Or as many people with the jets and crabadores do you protect, you put your face out to them. That's the true, "to compare.

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Humor also referred to the work of the journalist. "So, dear Brancatelli … it's good for you when you go to Miami or to many places. I have not been working for many years and have worked without stopping, saying the things that you're saying and do the role that you do. "

"So, that a man from the North zone has taken you away … because in fact if you want to be with these people, You would have gone to buy La Salada, brother. That's where the national and popular go like you"he suggested with irony.

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And he continued: "My greatest reflection of people who do what they did to Brancatelli. On one side of the other. Now, go out to scream and cry because something happens to you in your life. Something happened to you in the life of Brancatelli! Zafaste o dribiwn Tinelli! ", After sentencing.

"You're a big man, you're a self-made man, hahahaha. Brancatelli, you … become a victim. Victim of this oppressive government", Casero made fun before saying a great deal, in a few hours the video had more than 37,000 reproductions.


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