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Alfredo Casero asked Diego Brancatelli after the moment he lived in a shopping center: "Do not go out and crew"


"Are they there? Good. I'm going to say one thing mainly to Brancatelli. Brancatelli: to be shouted by a man and to tell you to go shopping in the villa because you're going to shop in a center. Villero's life is not on your life, you would not have to go shopping in a villa, you would have to go shopping at a shopping mall becauseYou'll get back and you're going to Miami because you're laughing about that: protect jets, keep out for bartenders, thieves, because you've thought of such a thing. It is acceptable throughout the world. "With these words, sitting in his car, with a cell phone in his hand, Home Alfredo He began to question him hard the journalist Tangible, hours after he said that a man and a woman assaulted verbally at a recognized shopping center in Zona Norte.

"They always focus me and I'm inside what people think is where I am a government, which is not true, "added the comedian in the video that posted on Twitter.

(Video Alfredo Casero Twitter)

"Brancatelli, bank the fruit if you like the fish. Do not go out and make a quilombo, because he has nothing to do. It's different when you're attacked by five or six people, as it has happened to me. Or as it happened to Wiñazki last night, or as it happened to many people who are by the jets, the protectors you are protecting, are facing you, that's true, "he said.

"So dear Brancatelli, Good for you when you're going to Miami. I have not had a lot of years ago. You have to work without stopping, telling the things that you say and do the role that you do. So, what have you fallen from a man from the North Zone, because indeed if you want to be with these people, you would have gone to buy the brother La Salada. That's where the national and popular go like you, "he continued pointing against the American painter.

"My greatest reflection of people do what they did to Brancatelli. On the other side, now go out to scream and cry because something happens to you in life. Something happened to you in the life of Brancatelli! You came out of the Tinelli gallery! You're big! You're a self-employed man! See you later Brancatelli … you're a victim, a victim of this oppressive government Chau! ", It came to an end, in fact it was a style.

The journalist was The video was released on Wednesday which shows how a man calls it "staggering", "carbage kirchnerista" and told him to go to buy the villa ", among others insulting.

(Video: Twitter by Diego Brancatelli)

For his part Cecilia Insigna, a pregnant woman with a second child, Diego Brancatelli, wrote a message on social networks where he described the moment they lived on Wednesday afternoon in the center.

"Together with love we run every day to build a family based on love and respect, a family where things are not for themselves, but where each one can base what they want and why they want it. " What do you think and why do you think about it? We do not take anything for granted, we are discussing, we are discussing like any other couple for hundreds of reasons, from the mess through football, profession, politics, raising everything, and the most It is interesting that we always always have something positive about what the other thinks, because that's how society works and a family is a basic cell of society, "wrote the journalist TN is in partnership with Brancatelli eight years ago.

He then referred to what he had experienced yesterday. "This is the first time we have a horrible moment, two people who, without looking beyond their enemies, have insulted and attacked, I do not stop people, but certainly there are many people so thinking ", insinga was analyzed.

"I want to live in a country where I can buy the same place with any citizen, where I can go to the public university and sit next to the son of a millionaire and a child who counts the coins to go on the bond, "he said.

In addition, he emphasizes that his wife, the chronicler He also talked about what they had to live with a two year old son.

"This happens has made me reflect on this, we live in a society where there are people who think that there are places for people and for shortcomings & # 39; because that's what they call us. Today, I am more proud of Diego (Brancatelli), of her wish to lose their sadness to understand that they are ill of soul and that poverty will never come out", he said, among other things, in a long position he posted on his Instagram account.

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