Friday , August 12 2022

Alfredo Casero, against Diego Brancatelli: "Bankate the fluff if you like the peach, do not go out and crew"


The journalist on Twitter said a serious momentum that he was living in Unicenter shopping Source: Archive – Credit: Enrique Villegas

Diego Brancatelli

He reported on his Twitter account
episode times he was living in the Unicenter where he was meeting with neighbors. One said to them: "In the village you have to buy, here you do not feel, Kirchner garbage." Given this, they leave
answers for and against the journalist.

Home Alfredo

, with a typical style, recorded a video that had to refer to


"Villero's life is not your life, you will not have to go shopping in a villa, you would have to buy it in the center because you got a shower and there going to Miami because you're laughing about him: protect jets, keep face to thieves, for thieves "he started.

"Bankate the fluff if you like the buggy, do not go out and a crew to make a quilombo," he shot. In addition, the actor and comedian laughed when he said: "Indeed if you want to be with these people, you would have gone to buy La Salada, a brother, that's where I am national and popular goes like you ".

"Something happened to you in your life Brancatelli! You did go away from the Tinelli series! You're a great one! You're a man!" See you later, "he said with laughter and finish:" Brancatelli, you're a victim, victim of this oppressive government Chau!

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