Monday , January 18 2021

Alfonso Cuarn has a new award and prepares for the Oscars

Filmmaker Alfonso Cuarn, a native of Mexico, won this award from the US directors' union for his film, Rome. This award is the confirmation of its potential victory in the world's most prestigious cinema awards, the Oscar Awards.

Cuarn won the prize against similar opponents Spike Lee (Incorporated in KKKlan), also nominated for the best movie in the Oscars, Bradley Cooper (Star is born), actor, now screen scripter and film producer, who is also an Oscar opponent, among others.

Rome is the story of two childhood marking women, the domestic worker, the indigenous origin and maestres of the house, her mother, whose husband is about to leave for another love. The movie, as well as being nominated for the best movie, has nominated another 9 for Academy Awards, including a better address. Five years ago, Cuarn, had already received the award given by the US directors union with the film Gravity in 2014.

In a speech made before nominating, Cuarn acknowledged domestic workers giving some figures, saying that there are more than 70 million domestic workers in the world, that number does not involve children and more 11 million domestic workers are immigrants, doing nothing more than feeding and looking after our families so that they have the opportunity to feed themselves, and when they clean up, fake, criminal flame and rapist, you reduce by eliminating just what a timer says. This theme has a Roman film. The movie seeks to gather the perspective of these workers. For the director, this is not politics, mankind, is always referred to the statements by President Donald Trump.

Cuarn is within the Mexican trident that marvels the Oscars, and the other members Iratu, a winner with Birdman in 2015 and Recovery in 2016; a Guillermo del Toro, last year's winner with La forma del agua. Mexico is becoming strong in the film industry, bringing more diversity in the United States. The next February 24 will be the introduction of the Oscars, the ceremony will take place at Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California.

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