Monday , November 23 2020

Alfaro, after Hurricane-Argentinos: "The points we are losing now, we're sorry at the end"

Gustavo Alfaro He spoke on Thursday at a press conference after Hurricane pulls against Argentinos in Tomás Ducó. And he acknowledged: "I'm getting threatened because of the points we miss now we are scared at the end. They are points escaped as with Defense (1-1) and Gymnastics (2-2). That disturbance is typical of a team's expectation that he used to win. And we really have that level of demand, because I want to win everything I play. "

Regarding the weak points that the team showed, he analyzed: "Today, there were things missing to try and solve a game, although he did not win before playing, we had the responsibility to do that."

After that, the coach drew attention to the merits of his campaign: "A year to a half ago we are among the top five and we do not want to get out of that place." I told the president that he was not going to fight the fall but to go into the Cups, and Hurricane lives his best moments ".

Finally, he focused on what brings the next Globe's participation in the Libertadores Cup: "I feel we have at the international level, what we have enough, We're not here to compete, but we could make some changes. "

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