Thursday , December 3 2020

Agresin Bus Record to Cruz Azul from the Afon Plate's violent supporters

Some fans confuse the final with a battle. They believe life or death is a final game of 90 or 180 minutes. Many are influenced by the violence they see in other countries. They imitate the evil. That happened on Thursday, in the first stage of the Liga MX, between America a Blue cross.

The serious thing happened when the bus went and moved to the cement box towards the stadium AztecHundreds of fans of the eagle, who shouted insult to their competitors, were posted on one of the streets. All at all good. But then one of them thought about throwing an unfortunate and accidented object on the bus. Fortunately, the team's driver was able to follow his path quietly.

After the game ended, there was not one of the machine's or technical body players, to talk about the aggression that he suffered on the road. At the press conference, they focused more on the problems after the end of the game.

What happened with the bus Blue Cross, remember what happened two weeks ago in Buenos Aires, when fans Afon Plate they attacked the bus Boca Iau, causing physical injuries to some of the players. As a result, he had to play the game in Madrid, causing discomfort in the supporters of both money.

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