Thursday , January 21 2021

After the YPF rise, Shell overturned and cut the price increase to 5 percent t

The increase lasted three days: Saturday, Sunday and Monday. This afternoon, Raízen, the company selling shellfish to the public in the country, has announced a reduction in its product prices, an average of 4.5% across the country, from 0 hours on Tuesday morning.

Last Friday, it had increased by 9.5 per cent. That is, in March, now Shell will increase by 5 per cent.

So the new prices in CABA will be: V-Power Naphtha, $ 47.67; Super, $ 41.48; Diesel V-Power, $ 45.95 and Diesel Formula, 39.57 pesos.

The opposite comes day after YPF increased its product by 4.5 percent. "With this fall, the oil company, which was surprised by the market with an increase of nearly 10%, accommodates the rest of the competition", highlighted by the company. Confederation Hydrocarbon and Associated Trade Entities of the Republic of Argentina (CECHA), minutes after the announcement of Raízen.

Friday's correction, now corrected, was the third Shell in 2019: 2.09% in early February and 2.8% in March. In the first week of the year, the oil company had reduced its fuel prices by less than 1 per cent.

In March, the government developed the Liquid Fuel Tax, or ICL.

"The increase reflects the impact of key variables for price formation, such as the increase in the ICL (Fuel Tax) and the IDC, the exchange rate and the variations in the price of Brent," 39 the state oil company, which secured it " thas been trying to adapt its prices dynamically in recent months, in order to mitigate the impact of increased gasoline and gas use."

In that sense, the company said the market had suffered a 6.3 per cent fall in the last semester. "

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