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After the tragic accident of Emiliano Sala, his sister remembered him with a tender picture – 02/22/2019


On January 21 this year, the life of the Emiliano Sala family changed forever. That day, the plane that was to take Argentina's footballer from Nantes to Cardiff fell on the English Channel and fell to the sea for reasons that are still unknown. One month after that tragic accident, Romina Sala remembered his brother with a tender picture.

In her Instagram account, Romina produced an image from Augusto, her son and the player's cradle, along with Nala, the black girl who had been with Emiliano in France for some time.

And bid to godson Emiliano (Photo: Instagram)

And bid to godson Emiliano (Photo: Instagram)

Romina Room was the first relationship to travel to Europe to lead the search work hoping to find her brother alive. After finding the body of the future, he decided to adopt the dog.

Meanwhile, it is expected that there will be news on Monday for the causes of the accident. As well as Santa Fe player, who transferred from 17 million euros to Cardiff City of the Premier League, was the pilot David Ibbotson, which is still missing.

The other thing that remains unresolved is what will happen with paying the transfer forward. Cardiff coach, Neil Warnock, who was going on in Progreso, said on Thursday that the Welsh club will "take care" of the problem.

"I'm sure the club will take care of it in the next few days because it has asked for an extension (from the deadline for payment) and I believe that Nantes has I accept that I think that everyone has disrupted things and that should not happen, "says the technician, who did not want to go to more detail.

After a Salary air crash, Cardiff City has not made the first of three payments, a total of 17 million euros, for the transfer of deceased soccer. According to BBC Wales, both clubs agreed to extend one week, until February 27, the deadline to make the first payment.

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