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After the storm, recover the Personal Fest


Mercury Rev, one of the re-programming programs Credit: Personal Fest

Robbie Williams had to stop the show due to heavy rain on Saturday

Time was playing a game on all the events planned for the weekend. And the Personal Fest, the last major international music festival of the year, is not an exception. Yesterday, with the sky always threatening, the grid could be delivered, the truth is that shows like Robbie Williams, which ended on Saturday, for another time.

At the end of this edition, this was one of the important bands that they had not been able to play on Saturday, Mercury Rev, climbing on the stage to showcase all their indie arsenal and songs between songs and experiments. The presentation of the North American group was in line with the 20th anniversary of their album edition
Desert & # 39;songs, perhaps the most famous of the band.

But going back to the start, the first day of the Fest Fest Personal 2018, at Buenos Aires City Club, had to be banned, because weather disorders "do not guarantee the complete completion of the festival ". In turn, the organization said they will announce "through channels of communication and event contact, possible re-programming of the date". Yesterday Robbie Williams did not have the strongest number re-programming, and only Mercury Rev had to be included in the grid.

On Saturday, after midday, the festival organizers began to issue a statement saying they would announce "soon" what the actions would follow during the first day of the festival. The reality a miracle expected until that moment, because he had not stopped the rain through the day.

"In 15, Personal Fest will convey how the development of the first day of the festival will continue within the framework of the storm that takes place in Buenos Aires," says organizers. They added: "We work so that the event can be held in the best possible conditions, guaranteeing the safety of the public and everyone involved in the organization of the festival." The wait and anxiety of those who had taken the ticket was increasing and social networks circulated that the timetable to report potential changes or suspensions had moved to 17. The schedule sounded quite late, given that half the grid of the festival is already out of the possibilities.

However, we had to wait a lot longer. After the age of 18, it was officially announced that the first date of the festival, which had intended to have a show from Robbie Williams, as the central number was stopped.

"Pop Fest and Pop Art Music report that the first ban on the festival held today, November 10, is being blocked due to bad weather," Storms with a continuing electrical and rain activity everyday in the city of Buenos Aires. , they do not guarantee the correct performance of the festival, we will inform you, conveniently, through the communication channels and event contact, re-programming and the possible date, and we invite you to enjoy the 2nd day of the Personal Fair, day Sunday, November 11 (Yes.) Entry tickets remain valid for the entrance to the second day of the festival. We appreciate understanding and understanding. Thank you very much, "explained the organizers.

The truth is that the idea of ​​a day festival is reduced to a day and without the possibility of seeing the main number. The second day names are probably reported (Louise's curiosity) and have the greatest international wealth with musicians such as Connan Mockasin, MGMT, Death Cab for Cutie and & # 39 ; r Lorde as a festival closes.

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