Sunday , November 29 2020

After the mention of Thelma Fardin, calls were multiplied to line 144

After the saying Thelma Fardin against Juan Darthés for sexual abuse, inquiries have multiplied For the organizations that work on the subject of therape and line 144, and the experts explained that the diffusion of a similar case to the one that suffered by the young actress creates "the effect of identificationa a favorable context so that victims feel they will "hearing".

"The National Line Against Sexual Abuse of Sexual Children registered an increase in 240% o 16 calls received on Monday 55 yesterday, and today they continue to increase, "the agency informed Telam from & program "Victims against violence"the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation.

In that sense, he added the sources "Line 137, which is compatible with victims of domestic violence and sexual violence in the City of Buenos Aires, has registered an increase of 18% (from 626 to 736)"

On the other hand, Nicole Neiman, responsible for the line 144, that depends on National Women's Institute, "Although we still do not have the exact statistics, line operators 144 let us know A much higher number of calls in these last hours were recorded requiring sexual abuse"

In this regard, Neiman explained that "of the experience in question on the line that we know Sexual violence is one of the most difficult violence to induce or relax at women. The quash for the statistics calls is made from 0 to 24, and certainly tomorrow we can measure the effect, which will certainly be very much ".

In turn, Carolina Abregu, refer to Flemish Fury, a combination that works in at least 19 different cities of the conurbano Buenos Aires, has said "since yesterday at 7:30 p.m. today, we will receive at least 15 calls with consultations related to abuse, when normal is one day or other day"

Abregu said that "the consultations of cases that are in various cases, some have criminal complaints that are not previously, others had not even made the judicial complaint."

In the meantime, the psychologist Patricia Gordon, from the institution EnRed, who works in the city of the City of Wales Mar del Plata, saying "in the last hours they have written to us to the page some six people, when the usual one o two daily consultations. "And it continued:" Some of the ones that are associated with them protective mothers for childhood abuse requires guidance, and others adult they were not judicially designated and that they had not even talked to other people. "

Finally, the psychologist María Beatriz Müller He emphasized "the times of the victims are slow, in fact this young woman took a period to be able to speak; even those with these facts are associated with amnesia; However, when these cases become visible, survivors are eager to tell them"

The expert also noted that "In addition to recognizing the victim, these incidents affect adults who increase their warnings for children who may be at risk"

In the same sense, Gordon, o EnRed, coincide "a public complaint on this scale, with all female actresses supporting, It makes it easier for women to be encouraged to speak because they feel they will be involved, they will"

The expert, who has been working on sex and abuse issues for 20 years, came to the conclusion "for years social context which was executed to guarantee silence Today, thanks to the movement of the girls, a climate more favorable to designate, and also a eliminate the guilt that is felt by the victims"

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