Sunday , August 7 2022

After the first of Lindo, Bruto, Lali Espsito and Thala continue to add adventure: "Finding a cricket is …"


Lali Espsito a Thala Those mentioned for the last time came not only because of the beautiful beauty of the singers. The result must relate to the latest performance of the final material of the Mexican artist, chosen by Argentina, Lali Espsito, to promote the theme. But not all that, the words "Lindo pero bruto" had created great debates and debates.

In this case, they were repeated from the bet by appearing together as a preview of a prominent musical event, "Prize Lo Nuestro 2019". We did not ignore the divas reunion and chose social networks to announce their adventures. Finding competitors in this race is great! Now … if they're so bad and faster you … there is a blessing! Prepare people!, Wrote Thala on Instagram.

The artist's publication became viral, as the same as Lali and Natti Natasha. The only talent of the singer was not the talent rain. The Mexican collecting the bet, which shared a video dedicated to its supporters and woke up the actions of his followers, who did not resist and make tender comments.

"Thala is always fantastic a lot of blessings", "Excellent! Genias on three!", "Thala and Lali love them", "There are lots of puppies and hops" Thala a Lali "," How beautiful "," Successes "," I do not understand the video … catastrophes and then party dance? I do not understand what they wanted to do "and" This brings you to you ", were some of the comments of the social photo network users.

It's worth remembering that it will take place on February 21 in the American Airlines Arena edition 31 of the Lo Nuestro Awards, organized by Univisin and who is the best award of Latin 201 music. In the celebration the Most Existing Artists Currently Nattiha, J Balvin and Bad Bunny stand out among them.

Look at the fun Talla posts:

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